Glass trophy and crystal trophy are often selected as promotional gifts.But do you know the basic features of crystal?Let me tell you.

evaluation criterion

The evaluation criteria of crystal are different from those of high end gems. Most of the high-end gem color in the first place of evaluation, crystal, color and clarity (called crystal industry) is almost equally important factors:

1 color: for any gem, the color is very important, crystal is no exception. If there is a color crystal, such as crystal awards,  amethyst, the highest standards of the evaluation of the color is gorgeous, with gray, black or brown and other colors. Such as powder crystal, color pink is preferred;glass awards, color bright purple, pure black color; excluding green, lemon color, with golden orange. For the crystal like crystal trophy, crystal color is also very important. The same blond hair, completely colorless crystals (crystal) and crystal slightly brown, naked eye visual perception is different, so the price will be higher than the latter.