Snake: snake women work fine, pay attention to details, send her to the hair combed hair, or smell fresh and pleasant fragrance, can let her keep good manners and temperament. The snake men, it is best to send him an electric toothbrush senior, wearing appliance group as a whole can go out with the use of any kinds of leather.You also can buy some promotional gifts such as crystal awards and glass trophy.

Horse: horses, but Oriental elegant dandy (main), it is best to send him (her) soft jazz melody CD, or a bottle of wine, to please him (she) favor, of course, you send a gift to him (her), you may have to look good. And in terms of color, whether it is any gift, the choice of red or black with a gift, the most of the horse’s taste. Therefore, the gift is not the focus at this time, packaging enough mysterious, enough and he (she) can play the game.Glass awards and crystal trophy are good choice for them.