Different colors of crystal represents different meaning


Crystal gift is made of crystal material decorations andcrystal gift is transparent, noble and elegant, not only has practical value and decorative function, but also can be shaped. Crystal craft gift’s material is elegant and beautiful, with high appreciation value and collection value. Crystal gifts can be customized according to your needs, you can print the company LOGO and contact telephone.

Crystal gift products are: crystal medals, crystal carved pieces, crystal painting, screens, crystal ball, crystal jewelry, crystal office supplies,crystal awards,crystal trophy,glass awards,glass trophy and some other things which can be choose to promotional gifts.

Crystal gift production process: open material, pressure embryo, coarse polishing, fine polishing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging.

Crystal gift’s representative significance

Colorless crystal: on behalf of pure, selfless.

Purple crystal: romance, marriage.

Yellow crystal: represents wealth, fortune,prosperous, prosperous..

Brown Crystal: on behalf of sound and aetna.

Green crystal: on behalf of justice, development, happiness, good luck.

Red crystal: represents warm, lively.

Black crystal: on behalf of wealth, solution.

Silver Crystal: on behalf of material Wang, evil.

Gold crystal: representative to the United States, supreme.