Gifts and 12 zodiac(4)


Sheep sheep: give gifts to men: with conquering something like a computer game disc, or to the amusement park to play roller coaster. To the lady’s gift: if she likes to see a movie, an appointment booking, you pay the card, it is also suitable for the gift. Or take her to travel abroad, pay for her ticket and room and board and other expenses, she will cheer up!You can select some crystal awards or glass awards that craved some words that express your opinions.

Monkey: monkeys have a wild male, can send him a thong, it is best to tease shallow purple, thinner material. One can let him have the appropriate office or travel suitcase, or a pair of comfortable walking shoes can walk miles. The monkey is a woman pay attention to texture, the gift of nature to look at the price of high quality, and in fact there is a considerable amount of line. With the jade ring, watch or necklace, preferably gold, let her have a sense of quality, of course, she chose you also said you are a man with texture! So, do not send her some imitation or texture is not delicate things.Try to think of glass trophy,crystal trophy or some promotional gifts.