You can give elegance and perfection to an awarding ceremony by having glass trophies. Yes, why not give a beautiful glass trophy to an awardee? Here at Miyue Crafts, we give you authentic trophies that fit your choice. We offer you a wide range of trophy selection that offers satisfaction. Each of our items is affordable and attractive.

You can expect good design and creativeness in our trophies. Here, we focus on excellence and quality of the product. We see to it you would like the service give you. Our experts do the best they could to make the service a success. From the rich choices of trophies, you can make sure that satisfaction is within your reach.

Customized for Your Needs

Are you looking for a glass trophy for a corporate awarding? Then, you have come to the right site. Our team is ready to customize your trophy. We assure that each trophy has a unique look. It depends on the awarding or the recognition ceremony that you would attend.

We give you a chance to add details such as logos engravings to the trophy. Our experts can make our service fast and easy. We would be happy to share with you our excellence. We exert full effort in the customization process of the trophy.

Here are a few great processes we do:

  • Cutting
  • Hole drilling
  • Vacuum color painting
  • Graving
  • Laser engraving

But, we also use effective techniques to make the glass trophy unique. How? We’re proud to show you 2D or 3D modeling procedures that make the service excellent. We also engage ourselves in UV printing to give the glass trophy a unique look.

Miyue Crafts take a chance to make each service we have a success. We not only exert effort but also pay attention to details. From here, you have the assurance of good design concepts.

Innovative Design Techniques

Glass trophy designing needs not only creativeness but also an innovative approach. So, we do our best to design a glass trophy. We emphasize the design concepts by matching it to the size of the trophy. We want to create a unique and superb trophy design. We do this by getting details from you.

We can add big or small features that compliment size or the shape of the trophy. Here, we discover the best styles of the trophy you would be happy to see. Our excellence proves to be the best than other companies due to the excellent result we give.

Our experts boost their creativeness by combining your ideas and our insights. We take the opportunity to give you the best service you deserve.

Quality Glass Trophy Selection

We’re proud to introduce our glass trophy collection. Here, you can select the best trophies you want.  We have simple and elegant trophies that you can’t find from other stores. Each of these items is under excellent craftsmanship so you can be sure of beautiful and quality products.

As a trusted provider of glass items, we make sure that each trophy is the best choice for you. Customers would marvel at the size and shapes of the trophies. You can select the trophy you like with ease. You take a look at the items and pick your best choice. We assure you that you would like the choice we would give you!

Also, don’t forget that each trophy comes with a unique and creative style. So, you would expect that each trophy is different from the other. You can find it here and more at Miyue Crafts!

Perfection on a High Level

Glass trophies require attention to detail to assure it would be a masterpiece. Don’t worry about it! Miyue Crafts is here to offer you glass trophies that are perfect for your taste. Yes, you can rely on our team to give you a perfect and wonderful glass trophy.  They follow the right steps in making the glass trophies. They do this excellently and creatively.

You can expect that the glass trophy can last a long time.  Each of the glass trophies is guaranteed to give you the satisfaction you like. We make this happen by accepting any challenge you have for us. We offer you a guarantee the service meets your needs and standards.

Also, you can rely on us to give you the details about the product. We assure you that you get the details you need. It’s big for you to customize a glass trophy. Don’t worry because we’re here to help you gain the glass trophy of your dreams.

Come and Select the Best Glass Trophy!

If you want to make an awarding ceremony perfect, you can select the trophy of your choice here! Miyue Crafts offers you the best trophies you would be happy to have. Come now and let’s work together in customizing a glass trophy!



Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD is proud to give you the best glass awards and trophies. Each of the items is in good quality. We devote time and effort makes each glass award unique to achieve your satisfaction. From the cutting to the engraving process, we make sure the creation and design of the awards are excellent.

Customers would have a variety of choices that suit different events and occasions. You can customize the awards depending on the design you want. We do our best to give you a creative design that’s perfect for the awarding ceremony. Our team of experts models the awards and trophies after perfection.

So you can be sure the best products would be yours.  We make sure that each award has a unique blend of design and creativeness. You wouldn’t go wrong in choosing our products.

Rich Award Design Choices

You can acknowledge the competence of your top performers in the company with a customized award. Are you looking for the best glass awards?

Don’t worry!  Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD offers you the best awards you would like. We offer you items such as the following:

  • Jade glass
  • Art glass
  • Tower glass

We know and understand the needs of our clients. So, we use a unique approach in each of these awards. You can see a beautiful logo or engraving on the glass. We pay close attention to details, so you have assurance each glass awards is unique.

You pick your choice right now and see the big difference each glass award offers you!

Perfect for Any Award Ceremonies and Recognitions

Glass awards have a delicate and captivating look. You can select the style and type of engraving you want the glass to have. It has a fine and smooth texture that blends with its design. You can expect that our awards are perfect for ceremonies and recognition due to its quality.

Yes, Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD makes sure our products are of good quality. You can marvel at the time by looking at its design. You can make an awarding ceremony extra special by having our elegant awards.

We give assurance that each award is customized according to the theme of the recognition.  You select the best awards that you like!

Multiple Colors and Sizes

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD offer clients a broad choice of glass awards. It’s due to the different sizes and colors it has. Whether it’s a company organization or awarding ceremony, we have the right awards for you.

The designs we have in our awards match the style of the glass. We think of the best ways to capture your ideas and turn it into glass award.  We aim to discover new methods and techniques to make the design process excellent.

We also don’t disappoint you when it comes to the colors of the glass. With our diverse color choices, you don’t have any problem with selecting the right color you like.  We welcome you to select the glass awards you would love to have.

What to Expect from Our Glass Awards?

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD focuses perfection in its work. We take great effort to match the design, color, and size of the glass.  We aim to give you the satisfaction you like.

So, what can you expect from our glass award items?

  • Perfect Creation and Design

Miyue Crafts has a variety of design choices that let you take select easily. You can pick the glass award you like, and we show you its good quality. The creation process is systematic so you can be sure to achieve an excellent result

  • Cost Efficient

The glass awards of Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD come at an affordable price.  We offer you comfort in buying the product. So, you would be happy to offer a low price for the items.  Customers also have a chance to order in single and bulk orders.

  • Fast Glass Awards Delivery

If you call us now, you can expect fast delivery of the glass items. Here at Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD, we take care of your orders right away.  We get a few details about you such as your name, age, address, etc. Then, we safely deliver the items you want.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Level up your company awarding or ceremonies with our glass awards.  We offer you a 100% guarantee of our awards are the best items you need in the event. You can be sure that it has a high quality you would like.

Feel free to call our team and have the best service you deserve. The rich variety of glass awards make it suitable for all customers.

Come and talk to Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD and select the best glass awards for ceremonies and occasions. The best glass awards are here at Miyue Crafts!  Dial these numbers now +86 133 9579 1900


Get ready to make an awarding ceremony elegant. Here at Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD, you can have the best crystal trophy of your choice. We have a high quality selection of trophies you would like. Our crystal trophy reflects perfection and elegance. Each of the items is perfect for corporate awarding so you can be sure the event would be a more memorable one.

Crystal trophies have a fine texture that you like. We boost the design of the trophy to make its texture captivating. Our trophies are attractive a person or awardee would be happy to receive it. You can choose from the design option we give you.

We’re open for suggestions if you want to customize the trophy. Our team is always ready to guide the design you like. Miyue Crafts makes it a point to give you the best trophy you need.

Think about the great things you can gain if you have a crystal trophy:

  • Excellent trophy design that meets your standards
  • Creative an innovative approach in trophy making
  • Timeless crystal trophy beauty you would like
  • Happiness and satisfaction  of the person who would receive the trophy

Modeled After Perfection

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD always sees to it that the crystal trophies are perfect. Yes, you can expect a fast and systematic process in the trophy creation. Each of our trophies has a unique design and a stylish engraving.  We can add a logo or a quotation if you want.

You take a chance and see the beauty of our creation. Crystal trophies add color and elegance to an event or awarding. If you want to surprise your friend, you can do it by recognizing his or her efforts.  The crystal trophy is perfect for the awarding ceremony for your friend.

Perfection is always present in each of the trophies we provide.

Creative and Stylish to Suit Demands 

Different awarding or recognition events require diverse trophies. So, it would be best to buy a crystal trophy to provide elegance to the recognition. You can have a unique design of the trophy depending on the occasion or event you would attend.

We can make the trophy simple and stylish. We have design options that reflect the theme of any awarding or event. You can add a logo or quote on the trophy. Examples of the possible engravings are the name of the awardee and title of the award.

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD makes sure that the details or letters are clear. The person or group of people who would receive the award would be happy. You talk to us and select the details you want to include in the trophy.

Trophies that Lasts for Years

The Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD makes sure that its trophies are not only elegant. You can be sure that these would last for a longer time. We’re careful in sourcing the materials for the trophy. Customers would be happy to order and add this to an awarding.

The team is careful and accurate in making and designing of the trophy. We want the trophy to have an attractive look. You can have satisfaction in having our trophies. Why? Each of the trophies has a reasonable price.

We’re also proud to offer you that each trophy has different colors you can choose. It suits the needs of the client as they would find the trophy attractive.

Style and Sophistication in One

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD aims to make a difference in any awarding event. So, we also focus on the style and sophistication of the trophy. Our expert designers and the teamwork to provide you with a stylish trophy. They use a stylish approach to make the appearance of the trophy unique.

For sure, you would love to have the trophy due to its beauty and elegance. You can talk to us now and order the crystal trophy you like.

Our Guarantee

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD shares its vision of excellence to its clients. We show our creativeness and expertise to in each of the trophies we offer. We exert effort and time to make each item superb. We value your trust, so we make sure that product matches your standards.

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD is here to give you the best selection of crystal trophy. You take a look at our selection, and we give you the best products. Here, you not only have the best trophy choices. You also have an excellent quality of the product.

Jinhua Miyue Crafts Co., LTD is open for your suggestions. You can add creative designs, and we add it into creating a crystal trophy. You can add decorative details on the trophy. We can do that for you with ease.

Come and talk to us now and make an order. You can be sure that an awarding ceremony would be a success. For sure, you would love our crystal trophies!


Sheep sheep: give gifts to men: with conquering something like a computer game disc, or to the amusement park to play roller coaster. To the lady’s gift: if she likes to see a movie, an appointment booking, you pay the card, it is also suitable for the gift. Or take her to travel abroad, pay for her ticket and room and board and other expenses, she will cheer up!You can select some crystal awards or glass awards that craved some words that express your opinions.

Monkey: monkeys have a wild male, can send him a thong, it is best to tease shallow purple, thinner material. One can let him have the appropriate office or travel suitcase, or a pair of comfortable walking shoes can walk miles. The monkey is a woman pay attention to texture, the gift of nature to look at the price of high quality, and in fact there is a considerable amount of line. With the jade ring, watch or necklace, preferably gold, let her have a sense of quality, of course, she chose you also said you are a man with texture! So, do not send her some imitation or texture is not delicate things.Try to think of glass trophy,crystal trophy or some promotional gifts.