• Gifts and 12 zodiac(4)

    Gifts and 12 zodiac(4)

    Sheep sheep: give gifts to men: with conquering something like a computer game disc, or to the amusement park to play roller coaster. To the lady’s gift: if she likes to see a movie, an appointment booking, you pay the card, it is also suitable for the gift. Or take her to travel abroad, pay for her ticket and room and board and other expenses, she will cheer up!You can select some crystal awards or glass awards that craved some words that express your opinions. Monkey: monkeys have a wild male, can send him a thong, it is best to tease shallow purple, thinner material. One can let him have the appropriate office or travel suitcase, or a pair of comfortable walking shoes can walk miles. The monkey is a woman pay attention to texture, the gift of nature to look at the price of high quality, and in fact there is a considerable amount of line. With the jade ring, watch or necklace, preferably gold, let her have a sense of quality, of course, she chose you also said you are a man with texture! So, do not send her some imitation or texture is not delicate things.Try to […]

  • Gifts and 12 zodiac(3)

    Gifts and 12 zodiac(3)

    Snake: snake women work fine, pay attention to details, send her to the hair combed hair, or smell fresh and pleasant fragrance, can let her keep good manners and temperament. The snake men, it is best to send him an electric toothbrush senior, wearing appliance group as a whole can go out with the use of any kinds of leather.You also can buy some promotional gifts such as crystal awards and glass trophy. Horse: horses, but Oriental elegant dandy (main), it is best to send him (her) soft jazz melody CD, or a bottle of wine, to please him (she) favor, of course, you send a gift to him (her), you may have to look good. And in terms of color, whether it is any gift, the choice of red or black with a gift, the most of the horse’s taste. Therefore, the gift is not the focus at this time, packaging enough mysterious, enough and he (she) can play the game.Glass awards and crystal trophy are good choice for them.

  • Gifts and 12 zodiac(2)

    Gifts and 12 zodiac(2)

    Tiger: a tiger has a love of speech personality. If you send the economy permits, a trend of fashionable mobile phone to him (she) is a good gift. The style of the phone to the latest, the most creative is good for example you can choose promotional gifts like crystal awards that craved some words. Rabbit: do you want to change the novel enough to stimulate the rabbit is love “, the best color in bright purple, although he (she) are not so the pursuit of popularity, but receive information quickly, he (she) get the gift of nature or fall behind.You can think of glass awards or crystal trophy. Dragon: Dragon man is born with a temperament, can show in the chest pocket pen with a gold buckle, most can show his atmosphere. For the dragon, you should take her to eat a sumptuous French candlelight dinner, must go to that restaurant ostentation, the best projection lamp light can be made her look like a queen, don’t forget to take a bottle of champagne senior.Why not buy glass awards?

  • Gifts and 12 zodiac(1)

    Gifts and 12 zodiac(1)

    We have learned about the 12 constellations, but also have seen according to the 12 constellations to choose a birthday gift such as some promotional gifts. But the twelve zodiac also has its special place, each of us is born that day is one of the year of the twelve zodiac, full of mystery. Because we can choose the right gift according to the zodiac, after all, some are quite in line with our personality characteristics, more or less a bit similar. Then pick a suitable gift for the person you want to give! Rat: the aroma of dried flowers, fashionable and interesting gift for the rat who is the most appropriate. Interesting enough, and then attach a card, write a profound friendship words, can they. Especially in the flower of expensive Christmas, this is not the gift meaning look shabby, absolutely is the most correct choice such as crystal awards and glass awards. Bull: to send gifts to the people who belong to the cattle must pay attention to, the gift is not only on behalf of your mind, but also reflects your attention to his (her). “Ceremony light affection heavy” in his (her) body is not suitable. Think about some […]

  • Basic features of crystal(5)

    Basic features of crystal(5)

    Glass trophy and crystal trophy are often selected as promotional gifts.But do you know the basic features of crystal?Let me tell you. evaluation criterion The evaluation criteria of crystal are different from those of high end gems. Most of the high-end gem color in the first place of evaluation, crystal, color and clarity (called crystal industry) is almost equally important factors: 1 color: for any gem, the color is very important, crystal is no exception. If there is a color crystal, such as crystal awards,  amethyst, the highest standards of the evaluation of the color is gorgeous, with gray, black or brown and other colors. Such as powder crystal, color pink is preferred;glass awards, color bright purple, pure black color; excluding green, lemon color, with golden orange. For the crystal like crystal trophy, crystal color is also very important. The same blond hair, completely colorless crystals (crystal) and crystal slightly brown, naked eye visual perception is different, so the price will be higher than the latter.